Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Dad, I Want To Get Married"

Daughter: Dad, I want to get married.

Father: That is a good thing to wish for. What kind of man do you want?

Daughter: I want a life of luxury and ease. So, I would like a man who can help me achieve that life.

The father became worried by her words.

Father: Umm...I've never known you to be like this. I've never even seen you with a jewellery in your possession other than the ring your mother gave you. If you were to sell it, the money you get won't be enough to buy you anything of value. Honestly my dear, I am surprised by your ambitions.

The daughter looked at the ring her father alluded to. She rubbed it gently with her left index finger.  

Daughter: Dad, the luxury I seek cannot be bought by gold or diamonds. The ease I wish for cannot be offered by any wealthy man.

Father: I don't understand.

Daughter: I seek the luxury of Jannah and the ease of being in the company of the Prophets. I seek the life of luxury insha Allah, because I see you as the kind of man who is help her every time. I am sure, she always help you as well..

He couldn't hold his tears anymore.

Daughter: Dad?

Father: Yes, my dear?

Daughter: Is there a man out there who can offer me what you have offered Mum?

Father: I pray for a man who can offer you more. Much more.

They embraced each other tightly..

aku suka gambar ni. tah! sebab jelas sangat aku manja dengan Ayah. aku memang manja dengan Ayah dari kecik sebab anak perempuan dia selang 10tahun. tengok Ayah pegang lengan aku kuat kottt.. hahahaaa. masa Ibu mengandungkan aku, dua dua ingat anak lelaki. sebab main teka je. Ayah Ibu tak pernah nak scan scan baby dalam perut ni. enam enam gitu. so sekali anak perempuan yang omey omey sepet ni keluar. kihkihkih tapi ganas tu jangan tanya la kenapa. hehehee.. aku manja dengan Ibu sejak awal tahun ni la. sebab dulu Ibu lagi rapat dengan anak lelaki. normal la. aku tak kesah sangat pun. kami rapat sekarang sebab umur aku yang anak dara dah ni rasanya. so kami macam member member. gosip cerita rahsia pe semua kami dua kongsi. maybe dulu aku nakal sangat kot sampai Ibu tak percaya nak simpan rahsia dengan aku. hahahaa.. XD

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